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Woman's face looking straight forward
Woman's face looking straight forward

Why choose Dermal Fillers?

As we age, our skin starts to lose moisture (hyaluronic acid) and natural levels of collagen and elastin start to decline. Meaning your complexion becomes dry, decreases in volume and lines and wrinkles start to appear.

These signs of ageing are most commonly noticed first around the cheeks and chin, as the levels of subcutaneous fat in the face start to reduce and skull bones begin to reabsorb - therefore becoming thinner and meaning that the skin starts to hang and sag.

The shape of the face then changes from the “triangle of youth” to rectangular and heavy shaped and this is where dermal filler plays a huge part in helping to restore lost volume, by boosting levels of hyaluronic acid when injected into the different layers of the dermis. Creating a subtle, smooth and natural result.

Carefully placed dermal fillers replace volume where volume has been lost and areas that can be treated include the cheeks, chin, jawline, under the eyes, nose to mouth lines, mouth to chin and above the lip. A thorough consultation will be carried out by our skin health experts pre procedure and a personal treatment plan made to achieve your end goals.

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Anti-Wrinkle Injections Overview

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Procedure Time

30-60 Minutes

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Discomfort Level


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Tropical Numbing Cream. Filler also contains Lidocaine

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Recovery Time

1-2 Hours

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Final Results

2 Weeks

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Duration of results

-6-18 Months. product dependant

Dermal Filler FAQs
A | Dermal fillers are made from a soft injectable gel consisting of stabilized, non-animal hyaluronic acid. The gel is tissue-friendly, closely resembling the hyaluronic acid that exists naturally in the body. It is long-lasting but not permanent. Dermal filler treatments are widely used in medical aesthetics to lift, add volume, plump up and reduce the appearance of line and folds.
A | Hyaluronic acid is a sugar molecule that occurs naturally in the human body and is central to regulating cell growth and renewal. HA has impact on number of functions in the body, some of which are to bind water, lubricate the movable parts of the body such as muscles and joints and to maintain the elasticity of the skin.
A | Dermal filler injections provide an effective way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, smooth the skin and give a more youthful appearance. The result of a single treatment can be seen instantly and can last anything from for around 6 to 12 months in the lip and upt 18 months in the rest of the face. Dermal filler injections can give natural looking results that do not affect facial expression. As your face changes over time, dermal fillers allow you to control you looks subtly as you age.
A | Like with any procedure there are risks and side effects associated with hyaluronic acid fillers but these are in general very rare. These issues should be discussed with your aesthetic practitioner to ensure you know he or she is properly qualified and that you are in safe hands.
A | Dermal filler treatments are used to add volume, lift and create structure that often is lost by the natural process of ageing. Most common areas are the cheeks, lips, chin, nose, frown, forehead, jawline, nose to mouth, mouth to chin and the tear trough (under the eyes).

Disclaimer: You are unique and so is your skin, which is why at Eterno Aesthetics, we always endeavour to recommend and prescribe only the very best treatments for your complexion. Procedure plans, results, down time and recovery vary from person to person and we will advise the most suitable injectables for your concerns.